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Affiche Coubron 2013



An unusual LOOF cat show, dedicated only to Ragdoll and Norwegian cats!

Together with AID Skogkatt, this event will take place Sunday, February 3rd, 2013, in Coubron (93), 18 km from Paris.


The occasion to show your Ragdolls, or come to admire them !

(Info will come soon)

AID Skogkatt

Our partner




The International Agriculture Exhibition in Paris has just closed its doors. Not far from the areas dedicated to the dogs or the horses, purebred cat had the place of honour on the LOOF booth. Everyday, an international judge was presenting the main cat breeds of France, and AFR, thanks to some of its members, was delighted to take part in that international event and to share its passion for the Ragdoll with the public.










If Ragdolls are most often shown in seal and blue, one may have met chocolate and lilac Ragdolls for a few years.


A well-argued article, based on reliable sources, will help you to get more familiar with those colours. To read in the Genetics page hereClick here to see the page.


In order to better see the differences between chocolate and seal, blue and lilac Ragdolls, an illustrated page has been added : "Colours comparative" hereClick here to see the page






A Ragdoll Special will be held in Pontivy, (56 - Britanny), March, 11th 2012. More information  hereClick here to see the page






All about Genetic Identification hereClick here to see the page (in French)






New article about Consanguinity in cat breeding, its utility, risks and consequence, hereClick here to see the page (in French)






Is Ragdoll a hypo allergenic cat ? Answer : No

Interesting aticle on the subject (in French).
Other Wrong ideas  hereClick here to see the page







AFR's 2011 ChallengeClick here to see the page in online.


Congratulations to the owners for the results of their cats and many thanks for their contribution to the Ragdoll's promotion.







AFR would like to wish the very best to its members,

visitors and Ragdoll lovers for 2012.